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In terms of hygiene, HACCP Estibas Plasticas Heavy correspond and are immune to contact with numerous doable harmful chemicals.

In the standard model, Estibas Plasticas are made out of recycled plastic.

Medium Plasticas Estibas relatively low weight combined with excessive power, with a capability of raftuire considerable.

Steady and light-weight, plastic Estibas Medium Plasticas meet HACCP standards and are proof against contact with numerous potential dangerous chemicals.

Estibas Plasticas Gentle are designed in line with ISO requirements to ensure an optimal steadiness between weight, quantity and maximum permissible load.

By way of hygiene, these plastic pallets meet HACCP standards and are proof against contact with various attainable dangerous chemicals.

Mild Plasticas Estibas are efficient in transport and storage, significantly optimizing house when not in use by the system stack nest.

Show type Plasticas Estibas carry added worth marketing activities, successfully contributing to the show of merchandise in stores and in special places. They are utilized in a wide variety of merchandise distribution and that they are sturdy and extra efficient transport and storage.

Cleanroom Plasticas Estibas are hygienic plastic pallets, full and clean surfaces on both the higher and decrease facet thereof. Ideally suited for areas the place hygiene is the essential condition, they’re easy to wash and do not enable the buildup of grime and bacteria.

Reinforcing metal models can be utilized in warehouses with storage shelves.

We produce a wide range of plastic euro pallets varied sizes and with varied options tailored to their use, together with the most recent euro pallets, fabricated from antistatic (ESD). Our plastic pallets are durable and versatile as a consequence of high quality materials used and injection expertise that we use to achieve them.

In comparison with plastic pallets from waste pressed, euro pallets, plastic injection is distinguished by decrease weight, homogeneous and clean construction, traits which might be well regarded by purchasers who require impeccable high quality pallets. This 12 months, plastic pallet production will enhance because of the materials they are made ??resistance and low maintenance costs.

Sort pallets Dusseldorf pallets high quality I’m very resistant, simple to maintain and durable dede time.

Euro plastic pallets are more and more current in supermarkets and outlets due to the simplicity with which you’ll be able to retailer goods with them.

Plastic Euro Pallet sort 1126 is utilized in construction, as substitutes for wood pallets. It may possibly handle up to a ton weights on each such plastic pallet.

Galvanized storage boxes are ideal for automotive industry, and auto restore shops. Being galvanized steel storage boxes are successfully used in the food industry.

The company started by selling steel euroboxpaletilor commonplace 835 x 1240 x 970, new and used, then normal wooden pallets 1200 x 800 new and used and time and can be marketed euroboxpaleti metal and wooden pallets of various sizes.

For those who need Estibas plasticas on your store, storage or every other business facility, we at Estibas Plasticas Bogota please dont hesitate to contact us for a large and complete supply of Estibas plasticas.

January 27, 2013