7 Excellent Lies of Network Marketing by Ann Sieg

| April 12, 2013

The “7 Fantastic Lies of Network Marketing” by Ann Sieg was first published in 2006. It’s a short 35-page downloadable ebook that may be viewed on any computer having a .pdf reader and it exposes the 7 biggest challenges most common to creating a profitable network marketing business quick.

Though the ebook is free, it is going to price your name and email to obtain a copy which, even though the book does open your eyes to a few with the prevailing myths going around the industry, its major goal will be to generate leads in order to backend you into Ann’s Renegade Marketing system. In other words, the book will be the hook to get you engaged into Ann Sieg’s marketing funnel.

Contents: 7 Wonderful Lies of Network Marketing

* Lie #1 – Everyone is your prospect!
* Lie #2 – This truly is not sales. We just share products with people.
* Lie #3 – Anyone can do this!
* Lie #4 – We’ll create your business for you personally.
* Lie #5 – We’ve the most effective product ever!
* Lie #6 – You just do not have adequate belief!
* Lie #7 – The proven system.

With regards to promoting any kind of product, service or business opportunity the very best promoters “sell the sizzle” not the steak. Meaning if they told the truth about what it truly takes to construct a lucrative network marketing business, likelihood are, they wouldn’t have too numerous people join their teams. Because the bottom line reality is it take a great deal of time, work as well as a good-sized economic investment to construct a lucrative business of any sort and especially a network marketing business.

The largest take-away for Ann’s “7 Wonderful Lies of Network Marketing” is actually discovered beneath the surface of the information offered. The info is excellent, don’t get me incorrect, but the actual worth is in understanding the “process” utilised to promote the book, capture your speak to info then follow up in order to back end prospects into buying your product, service or business opportunity.

Mike Dillard popularized this “funded proposal” or “attraction marketing” strategy several years ahead of “7 Fantastic Lies of Network Marketing” was released and Ann’s system is a real reside operating example of the attraction marketing model in practice. And it works! That is evident by how well-known this book and Ann Sieg have grow to be.

The Attraction Marketing Model

Inside a nutshell, the only way to develop a profitable network marketing business would be to get the product, service and business opportunity in front of a minimum of two new prospects each day. Minimum. The truth is, if you actually desire to take your business for the next level you will wish to expose the business to a minimum of 100 new people per day.

The query is: How will you make this come about?

Even when you’ve a huge warm market list of loved ones and friends, eventually you and everybody on your team will have contacted every 1 you understand. Now what? And that is certainly where you need to find out the art and science of marketing, prospecting and recruiting.

“7 Fantastic Lies of Network Marketing” is a good example of the way to get your business in front of people who are actively trying to find more info now. This is attraction marketing at it is finest and it is an excellent model to study.

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