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Nichole Angelina Grazioli, Designer

Simply put... I am who I am... I do what I do...because I have embraced individuality. We all walk the same road of life, and create our destiny. I seek wisdom, and hope to attain it as quickly as possible. I have many goals to be accomplished and only so little time.
Knowlege, positive thinking, passion, ambition, confidence, loyalty, honesty, respect, INDIVIDUALITY...are only a few characteristics of wisdom I embrace.
I respect the many positive thinkers in society, and truly despise those who may be poluted with jealousy and anger. I hold the highest respect for the "inviduals" and leaders in our society. Being different is not so bad...conforming to ridiculous trends is kinda bad?

Whould it hurt to just be yourself, and allow others to enjoy what you have to offer? We "ALL" have a gift, and it is our collaboration of ideas that breeds success. I can only thank all of YOU, for helping me to achieve...anything for that matter. My Art is nothing without individuals to share it with.

Try not to be afraid of change...why not embrace it.

Art, Fashion, nightlife, martinis (slightly dirty), lift-off...and of course good company. If I had it my way "WE" would all smile 24 hours a day, and I will do my BEST to make it happen.
Sometimes no matter what your actions, fate pushes you in another direction. I rarely fight my insticts, because I know myself better than anyone. At the end of the day, I need to feel PROUD of my actions.

I will admit I am a workaaahhholickkk: addicted to productivity, because I enjoy feeling proud of what I have accomplished, only knowing that there is so much more to be done.

Working for me, mostly entails designing, sewing, business... and all the behind the scenes acts it takes to accomplish these tasks. When you take advantage of me... and many try... I will never say a word. I may even let you, to test your charcter. In the end I will forever remember.

If you inspire me, I will tatoo your name on my heart. If I love you... I will ***ALWAYS*** love you. My love never fades. Love means giving a person the opportunity to be their best. Love is not always "convenient" for my desires, and knowing that I don't come before another. Selfishness is ignorance.

There is beauty within ALL mankind. Sometimes we all need a little help expressing our beauty. The ultimate joy is a sparkle in your eye, and a simple smile. It is important to have self confidence. Design has allowed me to help others develope more self confidence. The ultimate the look in your eye when your self confidence is a 10, and knowing that I may have made a difference.

Can I do for you... what you do for me?

" A work in progress"... just a stepping stone in my journey of life....


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